Why should I Hire a Web Developer?

by David Robb, CTO/ Lead Web Developer 

Why do you need to pay somebody to build and maintain your website when there’s a host of different DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tools out there?

That is a fair question. I know I don’t particularly enjoy paying for builders to build my new deck or for a mechanic to fix my car. I could look up a YouTube video on how to structure and build a deck myself, but there is a definite advantage to hiring people as opposed to doing the job myself. The main advantage is that the builders we’ve hired are professionals, specialists in their field with experience and knowledge.

Do you have a DIY website that just isn’t doing what you want? ugly websites

Do any of these apply to you:
  • The template looks just like everyone else’s,
  • There’s a big Godaddy logo on the bottom (or one for your web developer!),
  • There are multiple ads drawing your customers’ attention away from your content,
  • Your site uses outdated technology (i.e. isn’t mobile-responsive)
  • The layout is just …wrong,
  • It doesn’t look professional.
If so, it’s time for a professionally-built, custom website.

A web designer will know the potential pitfalls, how to quickly implement new features, and how to maximize your benefits in owning a website. Yes, you may be able to figure some of this out yourself but it won’t be quick or easy. I don’t want to spend 3 weeks trying to figure out how to fix my car’s engine when a mechanic can do it in a couple of hours. It’s a waste of time and money. As a business owner, can you really justify spending your valuable time on something that isn’t your source of income? Do you think the hosts of Shark Tank build their own websites? Tech mogul or no, I think not.

A professionally built website is a basic requirement for professional businesses. You can’t expect potential customers to have confidence in your business if the website looks like it was built cheaply in 5 minutes. Appearance matters, and the quality of your website tells your clients the quality of your services.

Here are two websites I’ve built that have received rave reviews from both clients and their customers. You can see the first one is more simple (built using WordPress), while the second is quite complex and involves a larger variety of modules and customized elements (built using Drupal).