Bodacious Branding Video Training Series


Like it or not, the way you package yourself determines how many clients you'll get, how much they'll pay for your services, and how easy it will be to book them. This course teaches you to package yourself in an effortlessly authentic way that magnetizes you to your ideal clients.

Bodacious Branding: Get Your Brand into Your Body so You Can Sell Without Saying a Word™


Bodacious Branding Video Training Series

Are you tired of being your industry’s best kept secret?
Are you getting the recognition you deserve? 
Could you FINALLY get ahead …if only people knew who you were?

Ariana Ayu’s Proprietary Bodacious Branding System is now available in a convenient home study training – for the first time ever outside of her private coaching programs!

Module 1: Branding Foundation
You’ll Learn:
  • what branding really is;
  • which types of branding most apply to your business;
  • the 4 Elements of Great Brands;
  • a new understanding of selling & marketing you can be totally comfortable with;
  • how to sell without saying a word.
Module 2: Your USP Board
You’ll Learn:
  • what makes you unique and special in your industry;
  • which key elements of your education, experience, and expertise can make a difference in your marketing.
Module 3: Articulating Your USP and Your Unique Genius
You’ll Learn:
  • what your USP and Unique Genius are;
  • how to talk about who you are and what you do so prospective clients really get it and are excited for you to serve them.
Module 4: Your Mission Statement
You’ll Learn:
  • how your life’s purpose ties into your business mission;
  • a quick and easy way to create a personal and business mission statement.
Module 5: Your Brand Image and Style
You’ll Learn:
  • your specific brand style;
  • what to wear is a wide variety of situations;
  • how to make your brand style spectacular!
Module 6: Putting it Together: Your Brand Template
You’ll Learn:
  • what your brand really stands for;
  • to communicate your brand expectations to your team;
  • to create an experience your clients will feel personally connected to;
  • to combine all of these elements into a 1-page template that will guide you through any branding situation.
**Bonus Module: Visual Branding for Your Website and Business Cards**
You’ll Learn:
  • the key elements you need on your website and business cards;
  • to communicate your brand to graphic designers, website designers, and other service providers so they create visual materials that represent your brand appropriately.

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