Gateway to the Golden Goddess Training Series


September 2018 Start Date

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Course Overview:

Module A:  Fundamentals of a Practi-Spiritual Money Consciousness

Lesson 1 — Before You Go Anywhere, Know Where You Are

  • Learn how spirituality and wealth-building CAN (and DO) co-exist.
  • Uncover the TRUE nature of money.
  • Understand why it’s important for spiritual people to pay attention to money.
  • Discover the one number you MUST track to build and maintain wealth.
  • Master 1 simple technique that makes every transaction sacred.

Lesson 2 — The Antidote to ALL Your Money Fears

  • Discover which of the 4 Major Money Fears is currently holding you back.
  • Learn the antidote to ALL your money fears.
  • Understand the spiral journey of life lessons and what Mastery means on a practical level.
  • Find out which numbers you should be able to guesstimate… and which ones you need to know cold.

Module B:  Healthy Habits—Simplified

Lesson 3 — Spend Like a (Real-Life) Millionaire

  • Discover whether you’re spending like a millionaire or a millionaire wannabe.
  • Uncover the spending habits of your secret millionaire acquaintances.
  • Identify when it’s worth it to buy quality and when you’re wasting your money.
  • Learn how to live luxuriously while reducing wastefulness.

Lesson 4 — Saving Money the Easy Way

  • Discover which early experiences with money are still influencing you today.
  • Choose the 1 way to save money that works best with your personality.
  • Discover which 4 things you should always spend money on and why. (Use this simple technique that keeps saving money from feeling restrictive. (Really!))
  • Learn how many bank accounts you really need and why.

Lesson 5 — Investing: It’s Not Just for the Rich

  • Uncover which common blocks are preventing YOU from realizing potential gains.
  • Learn how to take almost all risk out of investing.
  • Discover 2 non-traditional types of investments with proven wealth-building and protecting properties.
  • Learn how investing can support causes you care about.

Module C: Entrepreneurship as a Path to Wealth

Lesson 6 — Entrepreneurship: Can it Make YOU Rich?

  • Get the facts on dangerous make-or-break entrepreneurship myths.
  • Discern which of the 5 entrepreneur types you are.
  • Uncover the role of your Ego in your Business. 
  • Learn the 1 thing that determines whether your business will give you a big payout.

Lesson 7 — Establishing Multiple Income Streams

  • Uncover new revenue streams you’ve never considered.
  • Learn how revenue streams you thought didn’t apply to your business actually DO.
  • Ensure your business model aligns with your mission AND your goals.
  • Figure out exactly what steps to take to start generating new income ASAP.

Lesson 8 — What are You Really Worth? (Get Paid with Integrity and Ease)

  • For entrepreneurs/ professionals: Determine exactly how much to charge for your services.
  • For employees: Figure out what salary you should be receiving and how to actually get it.
  • Discover the financial sweet spot where you’re relaxed and prosperous AND your employer or clients happily pay you.
  • Uncover the secret to confidently charging (or negotiating for) what you’re worth.

Module D: Millionaire Mindset

Lesson 9 — Your Money Set Point™ & What To Do with a Windfall

  • Learn why the average person’s socioeconomic status is likely to stay the same throughout her/ his lifetime.
  • Identify your personal Money Set Point™ and how to upgrade it.
  • Discover which 1 daily practice can help you overcome your own financial limits.
  • Master this simple strategy to make the most of your next financial windfall.

Lesson 10 — The Mental Game of Money

  • Discover the false facts that have been sabotaging your money mindset.
  • Learn the 2 most important questions you’ll ever ask about your beliefs.
  • Flip your false money beliefs on their head.
  • Uncover the one trait that will consistently produce successful results.

Lesson 11 — Think Like a Millionaire

  • Learn the biggest difference between how the richest 1% think versus everyone else.
  • Discover what type of thinking can help correct financial mistakes before they’re catastrophic.
  • Identify which key factor is limiting your financial success.
  • Understand the 7 common denominators of Millionaire Lifestyles.

Lesson 12 — Loose Ends and Money Leaks

  • Review & celebrate the progress you’ve made.
  • Identify any leaky boundaries or gaps in your current relationship with money.
  • Determine your best next steps and set your intentions for the upcoming year.
  • Ask questions and receive clarification on additional topics as requested.