getty_466176269_9707499704500177_53324Is technology helping us be more efficient or causing us to work more?

Do you love technology? I do. The goal of technological innovation is to enable us to work more efficiently, and therefore have more time to pursue non-work interests (a.k.a. fun).

Instead of the arduous task of making clothing by hand, a sewing machine puts the pieces together in half the time. Instead of The Pony Express, we have email, which lets us connect with people around the world in the blink of an eye; but what about the downsides of technology? Mobile devices have been linked to both “tech neck” and “text neck” (here are 4 ways to correct that), sitting at a desk for 6+ hours a day makes us more stressed and less healthy than our active ancestors, and excess time in front of our computers can isolate us from the natural world. This made me curious:

Is all this technology good for us? Or are we bordering on overload?

One Gallup poll has indicated that mobile technology has increased employee stress, especially for those employees that are using technology to stay connected to work outside of working hours. However, those people who have a tendency to check their e-mail outside work are much more likely to rate their lives as “thriving.”That means that they have rated their current and future lives better according to theCantril Self-Anchoring Striving Scale, which basically asks them to rate their current and future lives on a scale of one to ten.  Read More>>>