Are you the Strong, Confident Woman you know you can be?
Are you the Joyful, Passionate Woman you want to be?
Do You believe you can be Both of those AT THE SAME TIME?


Well ladies, I’m here to tell you: You CAN Have It All!!

You can be a successful, confident, powerful woman
AND have a joyful, passionate, loving personal life.

And you don’t have to sacrifice to get it.


In your 6-month Femme Mojo™ Mastermind, you and a select group of like-minded professional women will join together in the centuries-old way of women helping women.

Your Femme Mojo™ Mastermind will circle up to discuss topics that directly affect you as a modern woman. Whether you are a Fortune 500 CEO, a “Mom-preneur,” or somewhere in-between, being a professional woman has common challenges.

Each time we meet, we will discuss a specific topic designed to probe into your experience as a modern working woman. There will be group discussions and feedback as well as individual laser coaching during each call. multiethnic-friends-shutterstock_154987502-med
How many times have you been in a group, heard someone ask a question, and realized “that’s the exact question I needed the answer to… but didn’t know to ask!!” The group mind can be a powerful thing, and Ariana’s expert coaching will help you take advantage of the resources within your group.

You will be able to connect with the other members in your group while receiving skilled coaching and leadership from Ariana, so you can all learn from one another. Care is taken to bring together groups of participants that will benefit from each other’s skills and experience, so you can build greater relationships, collaborations, and maybe even joint ventures!

Scheduling conflicts? No worries! While we certainly recommend you be on every call, if you can’t make a call live, simply email your questions to Ariana’s support team and Ariana will give you coaching on the call – even in your absence! You can listen to the recording at your leisure, and post questions and comments on your group’s private facebook group!

Sounds great, Ariana! How does it work?

In your program you will receive:shutterstock_99612089

  • personalized coaching support from Ariana in two 90-minute group calls each month
  • recordings of every call so you don’t have to frantically scribble notes while receiving coaching (available to stream on the web and download)
  • a private Facebook group allowing you to share ideas with, and support your peers
  • opportunities for collaboration and connection with other group members
  • bi-monthly insider business tips, guidance and advice from Ariana
  • special advanced notice and insider promotions on future experiences with Ariana

PLUS these bodacious bonuses valued at over $1100!
  • private 1:1 45-minute intro coaching call with Ariana to discuss your goals and personal needs for the program (Value: $497)
  • 2-hour group kickstart/ introductory call to meet your colleagues, create community, and synergize the group mind for fantastic results! (Value: $697)


This sounds amazing!

Great! All you have to do is register via the links on this page, and a member of my team will contact you within 3 business days to give you all the details for your group! (Depending on the number of registrations, we divide participants into groups based on time zones.

If you are here, I KNOW you are ready to take the next step towards the life you’ve always longed for.

Don’t delay any longer! This is YOUR Time and YOUR Opportunity to blossom.