Attention Future Business Celebrities:

Are you tired of not being seen as the expert you are?

Is your business not getting the visibility it deserves?

You’re about to discover how you can develop a solid brand with a clearly stated core message to attract your ideal clients.

Dear Passionate Entrepreneur,

How would you like to stand out among your competition? Have a consistent flow of clients who truly “get” and value what you offer? Finally get paid handsomely for the outstanding work that you deliver? Get the industry recognition and media attention you deserve?

When your brand is clear, you and your business are in perfect alignment, your mission is empowered, and you are fulfilling your life purpose.


If you’re like many entrepreneurs I work with, you may feel –

  • Burned out from trying to market with no one listening
  • Resentful from working way too hard for too little money
  • Frustrated from trying to conform to someone else’s expectations
  • Inadequate when what appears to work for others isn’t working for you
  • Self-doubting when you explain what you do and people don’t get it
  • Longing to do your soul’s work in a BIGGER way

I totally get it – please know that you’re not alone!

“I have learned a TON from Ariana. She is amazing at what she does, and she has really seen and understood and pulled the essence of my business into personal mission statements and exercises where I can constatntly make sure that I am staying consistent and that I am on brand.” -Meghan D., Health, Wellness, and Grief Coach


“Ariana provided solutions to my issues which were right there, but unseen – because my nose was pressed so close to the glass! It was so obvious, of course! She provided me with the tools I need and a clear perspective so I can move forward. Ariana offered that in my session – window wipers for soul work.”

Here’s what I see with almost every entrepreneur I come across ~ they’re not living on brand. If your brand is lackluster, inconsistent, or undefined, your chances of reaching and enrolling the clients who desperately need you are severely limited.

“So”, you ask, “What IS a brand and why do I need it?”

Brand Puzzle

Your brand is a template that you can use to know how to show up in every aspect of your business.

It’s how you package everything you are and everything you’ve done so people see you the way you want to be seen.

What many don’t realize is there’s personal branding and business branding …and the two go hand-in-hand. Your personal brand is the foundation for your business brand and must be clarified and defined before you can design a business brand that is aligned with who you are at the deepest level. This is critical! Those who resonate with you will “get” you without even trying.

Think about your personality and how you naturally show up. Are you quiet, bigger than life, or have a clever sense of humor? Together, we will use your innate qualities to develop your brand.

Your brand helps people to know what to expect from you. Oprah has a clear brand that gives a strong sense of what she’s about. If someone were to ask, “What would Oprah do?” in a given situation it would be pretty easy to predict how she might respond. She embodies her brand in a confident, clear and powerful way.

When you market your business, who you are inwardly MUST match how you express yourself outwardly. Otherwise you won’t be congruent with your brand and people will pick up on it, creating confusion for them (which means after lots of hemming and hawing, they just won’t hire you).

Are you ready to embody YOUR brand in a confident, clear, and powerful way so your ideal clients will be jumping to hire you?

What I do is coach you to design your unique brand by helping you discover your true talents and skills.

When people think of branding, they often think of logos, color schemes, pamphlets, business cards, or websites. What they don’t think about is all of the work that goes into a successful brand behind the scenes.

Many people think they can just come up with a catchy slogan and it will sell. The reality is, those people are putting the cart before the horse. They try to develop their logo and color scheme before the heart and soul of the brand — before they understand what their brand’s message is all about.

When it’s done well, branding appears effortless… but it’s not!

On the days when you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, or self-doubting, your brand is like an outfit you can step into that reminds you of who you are at your core.

A number of years ago, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted because I was working upwards of 60 hours a week, and still wasn’t bringing in the income I knew I could be making.

I started a wellness center, and had several day jobs over the years to support myself while building my beloved business. I worked as a small business CFO, a financial advisor, and a Registered Nurse. I was highly skilled and had more than my fair share of degrees and certifications. I thought, “If I just ‘know enough’ I’ll be ‘good enough’.

I was doing it all on my own, and trying to figure it out by myself as well! After a decade I felt empty and exhausted. I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing, but was getting nowhere.

Does that sound like you? If so:

for a complimentary session to learn if this program is right for you.

“When I worked with Ariana we looked at who I really am at my core, what I am committed too, and how I need to tap into this and communicate it in my business. This was a deeply moving experience, and it gave me a lot of clarity on where I have failed to produce results and why. I HIGHLY recommend Ariana if you’re looking for clarity about your mission and how to effectively communicate your message through your brand.” -Vaughn Gray, Health & Life Coach

It was a revelation to figure out what was bogging me down. I was trying to mold myself into the androgynous corporate style I saw others using and trying to use business models that didn’t work for me. It’s no surprise that those ways didn’t work because I wasn’t being true to who I really am…a passionate, creative, bold, magnetic, sexy, bodacious woman!

At this point I was ready to welcome in a new way, even though I didn’t know what it was yet. What I realized was – I just needed to make different choices to get to where I wanted to go!! Left to my own devices, I had built up ideas and baggage about who I was and who I was supposed to be.

The choice that really assured my success was investing $10,000 in myself through a high-end mentor who saw the big picture of who I am AND what my business could be. My new-found mentor inspired me to show up in a completely new way.

She didn’t have all the pieces I knew I needed though to have the successful business I wanted, so I decided to work with several coaches. They each gave me direction on different aspects of my business. This seemed to work well. The work I was doing started to pay off, but it took a lot of money and effort going from coach to coach, piecing together the material I was receiving from each.


The golden key that took my business to a new level was identifying what I had to do and then implementing those things in the strategic, systematic way I developed.

Within several months of getting diamond-clear on my brand, my marketing, AND my visibility strategies…my business had turned around 180 degrees!

It worked so well, in fact, that I wanted to teach other business owners what I learned and how I did it.

So I created a custom, tailored program where we will create your authentic brand so you can have deeply profound and life-changing fulfillment in your business. Not only that, by upgrading your branding, you are positioning yourself for a much higher level of success!!

This unique first-of-its-kind program virtually eliminates the stress of having to figure it out yourself.

Imagine how amazing it would be to:

  • Jump out of bed each morning feeling impassioned and excited
  • Operate your business with a road map for success
  • Speak from the heart with confidence and authority
  • Express what you do with crystal clarity and conviction
  • Command respect as an expert in your niche
  • Be profoundly fulfilled doing the work you were born to do

If you’re frustrated from using hit-or-miss tactics to see what works and what doesn’t…Then I believe you’re ready for my ground-breaking program:

The Bodacious Branding Platinum Coaching Program
Get your brand into your body so you can sell without saying a word.

This extraordinary private coaching program is limited to 5 impassioned business owners to ensure you get the one-on-one focused support you need.

You’ll learn to:
  • Find and express your genius and gifts
  • Honor your core message in an embodied way
  • Discover your unique celebrity
  • Dramatically increase your self-confidence
  • Identify and highlight your authentic brand
  • Behold a sense of fulfillment you never thought possible
  • And last but not least…Manifest the consistent lucrative income you deserve!

Whether you’re in start-up mode, you’re newly launched, you’ve been in business awhile, or you’re looking to up-level your business, The Bodacious Branding Platinum Coaching Program has every component you need to take your business beyond where its ever been before.

“Ariana, I want in! I’m ready NOW to enroll in the Bodacious Branding Program!!”

“Ariana is a skilled listener and guide…and a fountain of information. I felt very comfortable sharing my anxieties and concerns and also my hopes and dreams with her. We came up with concrete strategies for tackling the roadblocks I was experiencing. I’m so grateful to have had this experience with Ariana!”

Here’s What You Get in Your 6-month

Bodacious Branding Platinum Coaching Program

LIVE 1-Day Private VIP Branding Intensive with Ariana

In this 1-Day LIVE VIP Intensive you’ll explore and discover your unique personal brand and begin the creation of your business brand. This is THE foundation for the entire 6-month program and you’ll be able to start implementing and showing up “on-brand” RIGHT AWAY.

You will have specialized one-on-one coaching directly with Ariana. You’ll have her complete attention and get personalized coaching so you and your business can zoom forward.

11 Private One-on-One Mastery Coaching Calls with Ariana

You’ll receive eleven (11) PRIVATE one-on-one Mastery Coaching calls with Ariana, laser focusing on you. These mastery calls will provide you with continued strategies to get every facet of your business on brand.

Ayutopia™ Exclusive VIP Access

Each month you have access to a quickie, one-on-one, 10-minute S.O.S. call with Ariana. You won’t have to figure things out on your own, wait two weeks for your next session, or send a long email. This is designed to keep you from stalling out when you get stuck.

Throughout the course of your 6-month-long program, you’ll have access to Ariana’s private, clients-only email address. No going through her team for questions about your business. No concerns over the privacy of your email message. There is no ‘gatekeeper’ between you and Ariana.

Accountability Touchstones

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t see it.” Stay on track as you reach specific financial and productivity goals. In just weeks, you’ll be able to look back and say to yourself, “Holy cow! Look at all I’ve accomplished! I can’t believe my revenue has jumped so dramatically!”

Done-For-You Blueprints, Scripts, Templates, & Checklists

These tools and worksheets help you to ask the right questions and focus on each critical aspect of your business so you and your clients can achieve the stellar results you desire. Stay organized, inspired, and confident: knowing what to do and what to say when meeting with new clients and customers.

Visibility Opportunities

You have the opportunity to be spotlighted in Ariana’s bright light and therefore associated with the brand of a highly visible, well-respected, expert coach. You will be able to be interviewed in audio and/or video format to increase your brand awareness and increase your own visibility through Ariana’s marketing.

Platinum Treatment


Besides being treated like the superstar you are, you will also receive priority consideration and special savings on future events and programs.

Plus 3 Extra Special Bonuses Valued at over $900


Ariana’s Bodacious Branding Video Training Series. This training series has 7 modules that will help you create a brand template that is boldly, audaciously, YOU. Instead of spending your precious coaching time learning the concepts to create a captivating personal brand, you can focus all your time with Ariana on implementing and perfecting your brand and business strategies. Value: $347

Access to Arana’s Business Accelerator Training AND Private Facebook Group
, study in your own time or use the training to really nail down the three critical types of revenue streams  you need to make your business profitable in the long-term. Then, come on over to the private Facebook group for Q&A, mentorship, and community. Value: $591

“Ariana, I want in! I’m ready NOW to enroll in the Bodacious Branding Platinum Coaching Program!!” (I’m so glad! Just click this link!!!)

“Ariana coached me to catapult my health and wellness practice to its full potential. Our sessions were extremely insightful and she helped me market myself to reflect who I truly am. I have moved beyond some fears that were holding me back and keeping me stagnant. I always felt empowered and confident after our sessions. Ariana has a wonderful gift in pulling the best out of me. Her guidance has been priceless!” -Meghan Damminger, Health, Wellness, and Grief Coach

The following Modules make up the Core Curriculum of your Bodacious Branding Platinum Coaching Program:

1. Bodacious Branding: The Foundation

You’ll learn how having a clear brand enables you to build a business that’s aligned with your unique brilliance.

  • Discover your authentic brand with the so-simple-you-wish-you-invented-it-yourself ‘Brand Wheel’
  • Match who you are inwardly with how your business shows up outwardly
  • See how branding targets your business to your ideal clients
  • Clarify your mission and life purpose so your brand is congruent with who you are
  • Learn how your ‘Sacred Birth Archetype’ reveals the gifts you’re meant to give

2. Discover Your Easiest, Most Profitable Niche

Knowing your niche is key to developing your brand. When your niche is clear you connect with the clients who identify with your core message.

  • Identify your sacred work to know who you will most enjoy helping
  • Explore untapped niches to widen your reach and build your list
  • Pinpoint your clients’ and customers’ needs to tailor your offerings to what they’re hungry for
  • Determine whether your niche is hot…or not!

3. Your Bodaciously Branded Signature System

In this module we take what it is you do and put it into a marketable branded package that clients can easily use in their business. We’ll use your brand and your expertise to create a Signature System that takes everything you do and puts it into one concrete, unique, bodaciously branded system.

  • Take what you do and put it into a unique, reliable, repeatable system
  • Solidify everything you do into one comprehensive, step-by-step process
  • Create a branded system that allows you to take on new clients at any time without wondering what you should do with them
  • Compose irresistible branded headlines and descriptions for each step of your unique branded system

4. Craft Your Core Marketing Message

You’ll learn to clearly state the core idea underlying what you do and the outcome your clients will get from working with you. Your core-marketing message is the ‘connecting bridge’ between you (your brand) and your clients (your niche).

  • Craft a clear, concise 30-second answer to the question, “What do you do?”
  • Learn how to accurately articulate the main ideas and purpose of your business
  • Create your marketing materials to describe the results clients can expect

5. The Profit Pipeline

You’ll know exactly how to set specific goals for your income and the number of clients you want to work with in order to create the financial results you desire.

  • Learn to leverage what you do to create consistent lucrative income
  • Design your profit blueprint with high end programs, VIP Days, and existing income streams
  • Match your client quota with the income attainment levels you’ve set
  • Understand how to have enough energy and content for your high-end programs and not over-deliver in your entry-level programs

6. Step into Your Celebrity

Being a Celebrity is about being in Your Genius. A celebrity knows what they’re here to do and is living his or her purpose in a BIG way.

  • Identify your key opportunities to take center stage
  • Live like a Celebrity with a team that loves you and supports you in the way YOU want to be supported
  • Develop your visibility strategy and create your Visibility Action Plan (VAP)
  • Build your Celebrity by doing those things only you can do
  • Unleash your Bodacious Brand 2.0: bigger, bolder…bravo!

The Bodacious Branding Platinum Coaching Program is designed to completely up-level your brand. The program is perfectly paced so you can study, learn, and implement the material as speedily or leisurely as you want within that six months.

Here’s the thing… The Bodacious Branding Platinum Coaching Program is not for everyone. It’s for those of you who are bold, emblazoned, and more than ready to embrace the success that comes from daring to be who you really are.

You must be ready to say: “Good enough is no longer good enough for me!”

So I ask you, “Are you ready to embrace your authentic and magnetic brand that will allow you to effortlessly attract your ideal clients simply by being who you are?”

Once you say ‘yes!,’ you’ll be on track to being the bodacious brand you were born to be!!

“Before working with Ariana Ayu, I struggled with inconsistent income, always wondering where the next client would come from, and over-working to produce the results I needed. I was pretty stressed-out! In just a few conversations, a Bonus call, a few check-ins, and before our program had officially started, I’ve made back my ENTIRE investment with Ariana plus an additional $13,000. This happened in under 6 weeks! Ariana is like a catalyst for unleashing your greatest potential. Her advice was simple yet powerful, and yielded enormous results. Now I am more confident than ever, have created a balanced schedule I love, and am on-track to have a 6-figure year with her coaching. I highly recommend her if you would like to create wild success and unlock your business potential this year! Thank you, Ariana!” -Paith MacQueen, The Makeup HEARTist,

Ready then? Ok! Let’s get you started!!!

To apply for the The Bodacious Branding Platinum Coaching Program, just follow the steps below.

Enrollment is limited to a select few highly motivated, *BIG* Mission entrepreneurs. I encourage you to register NOW to reserve your spot in this exclusive program.

Here are the simple steps to take to apply for The Bodacious Branding Platinum Program:

  1. Fill out this fast, easy, no-obligation application form to apply.
  2. A member of my team will call you within 3 business days to speak with you about your application.
  3. Once your application is approved, you and I will speak personally over the phone.

Congratulations on taking a leap forward to living Your Purpose and Your Genius!!!

Still have questions? No problem! Feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have about The Bodacious Branding Platinum Coaching Program.

I look forward to meeting you and seeing your Bodacious Brand blossom!

In love and joy,

p.s. Isn’t it time to be paid handsomely for doing the work you’re meant to do… so you can live YOUR ideal luxurious life?