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American’s outlook on life is higher than ever, so why are wage disagreements all over the headlines?

As the economy turns upward, it also seems like spirits are high as well. Gallup found that Americans’ outlook on life has increased–in fact, it is the best it has been in seven years.

According to their study, 54.1% of Americans rated their lives highly enough to be considered “thriving” while only 42.1% were classified as “struggling.” Gallup notes that this positive change is also associated with an increase in standard of living ratings, economic confidence, and job availability. They are predicting that increases will continue well into 2015.

Satisfaction with personal life and the overall direction of the United States hasincreased as well. The percentage of those satisfied with the direction of the United States has increased to 32%. While this may not seem like a large number, it is still the highest the satisfaction rating has been in eight years. Of course, satisfaction with the United States tends to vary based on political party affiliation.

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