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Business Acceleration Group Coaching (Monthly)

$97.00 / month


Product Description

How do you accelerate your business?
You make a really good plan and implement it.

Why do most plans fail? Lack of accountability.

This ongoing group coaching is for people who have completed Ariana Ayu’s Business Accelerator and want continued strategies and coaching to keep moving their business forward.

Monthly sessions are tailored to program participants, but topics may include:
  • creating quick cash in your business (NOW);
  • discovering YOUR untapped revenue sources;
  • strategies for generating long-term income;
  • adding recurring and automated revenue streams to your business model;
  • implementing your best revenue strategies;
  • product and service creation;
  • service and product branding;
  • goal setting (and achieving);
  • individual and group Q&A, and more.

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