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Today’s guest was destined to live a life of helping people since starting her first business (a holistic wellness center) in 2000 and getting her first professional job (corporate finance) in 2001.

I would guess that we can track this side of her character to an even earlier age too.

As since entering the medical profession  she has always had the drive not just to get the best out of people physically, by using normal medical means, but also by inspiring greatness with alternative medicine and positive reinforcement.

And as we see time and time again, its the mental well-being that really pushes people through the gears, and helps them achieve the life that they deserve.

And now as a firm believer and creator of “The Magic Of Mojo” and “Bodacious Branding” she is taking this ability to interact, engage and inspire into the business word across the globe.

So how did this lady grow up in Washington DC, but then end up obtaining a masters in Edinburgh Scotland?

And what made her leave the medical profession and head into the corporate world?

And are people surprised when during corporate presentations she suddenly bursts into song to entertain the audience?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, The National Association of Professional Women’s Woman of the Year  the one and only Ariana Ayu.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How when she was young she dreamt to be a rockstar or on Broadway, and funnily enough her path led her to a place that she uses all the same talents she would have been displaying everyday in her dream anyway!

How the leap of faith doesn’t have to be a leap, it can be a gradual slide over a long period of time…its up to you!

How playing is the key to life, and when you play and get in the zone you are tapping into the very reasons you have been put on Earth!

How when you look back and think of all the things that you feel you should have done, all you end up doing is “shoulding all over yourself”

And lastly…..

How we discovered that our listeners like to get soapy and wet whilst listening to the show…at least I hope they do!

About Your Host: David Ralph

Hello everybody and thanks for tuning in!

I know that doesn’t really make sense on an About Me page, but it makes me feel like a DJ, and I guess that is what I hoped to be when I started the show.

me-againYou see the road to commencing the “Join Up Dots” daily show is a long and winding one.

But one that when I look back, I think “Man…this was a path that I was always on…I just couldn’t see it”

So let’s go back in time and share with you things about me…..would you have expected anything else on this page after all?

I was raised by wolves after being lost by my family in darkest India.

That would have been a brilliant starting point to my tale, but unfortunately its nowhere near as exciting as that.

I was born very close to my Mum, right next to her in fact back in 1970, which makes me at the time of writing this (30th April 2014) 44 years old, and throughout my life I always felt different.

Not different like, I have something weird going on (although others might disagree with this), but different compared to what others expected me to be like.

I never really felt part of the crowd in anyway.

If everyone wore black, then you would find me in grey.

If everyone was listening to a certain band, you would find me tuned into someone nobody had ever heard off.

It was like a part of me was rebelling against conformity from the very early days, without me knowing it.

My first memory of feeling like this, was when I was five and a teacher said “What do you want to be when you grow up, David?”

To which I replied, “I want to be a jellyfish!”

And the conversation continued with “Do you think you could be a jellyfish then?”

And I apparently replied…and this is the stuff of legend, if anyone is looking for a really obscure, non-obtrusive legend “I can be anything I want to be!”

Which is quite profound, and leaves me with a distinct connection to where I am now, talking to people on a daily basis who have set out on a path to be just that “Anything that they want to be.”

But upon leaving school, in Essex which is touching distance from London along the length of the River Thames, I didnt choose to be anything I wanted to be.

41 Lothbury London my first office

I went straight into the corporate world and did what everyone else did at the time.

Commuting to London, I fulfilled 25 years of roles that for the main left me unfilled, but allowed me to buy stuff.

And I guess that is why we go to work…to be able to spend.

And that was it really.

I didn’t have any great ambition (other than being a pop-star, author, motivational speaker, boyfriend of whoever was voted worlds sexiest lady at that time), and just worked everyday.

But all the time, when I was performing the role of trainer, or coach, or Manager I had moments when I came alive.

And they were the times when I would speak to crowds, or individuals and see them become inspired by my words. I had an internal switch that could inspire.

I could see something light up inside them as I spoke, and more often than not, go off and do something that was not expected, but career changing in a good way.

But up to that point I hadn’t lit up inside.

I hadn’t found the thing that made me want to bound out of bed and seize the day.

Then One Day A New Sheriff Came To Town…….

My changing point or you might like to call it my big dot, came when a new Manager came into my life, and to say we didn’t see eye to eye was an understatement.

We didn’t see eye to eye, leg to leg, nose to nose……get my drift?  She made my life a misery from day one, and I started to spiral out of control.

Although I still performed to the highest levels that I could, my heart wasn’t in it anymore.


“How can I allow my life to be dictated by just one person I thought?”

“How can my happiness be determined by a single individual?”

And quite simply it was these  thoughts that made me realise in the words of Elvis Presley “Its Now Or Never!” and with the little bit of savings I had, I quit my job and then started to work…….

I started to work harder than I had ever before, but this time I wanted to do it.

I wanted to pull together all the things in my life that I loved doing, and create a future that was bright and promising for not just me, but my family and of course the world.

But as to how to do it……….nope, no idea at all.

The Beauty Of Starting Something (With A Passion And More Than A Bit Of Fear)

I hadn’t considered getting behind the mike and creating a daily podcast when I first began on this road. I clung to the idea of “Just do something that you know you can do and earn some money!”

So I started working as a self-employed web developer.

This would be great. I can choose my hours. Do it where I want. And be my own boss…..brilliant!

However one aspect of this devious master plan had not occurred to me….and it turned out to be quite a huge aspect to have not considered.

Being a webdeveloper bored me to death.

And after a few days working at the kitchen table, I started to think “Man, this CANNOT be my future!”

The house was deadly quiet. I hadn’t seen anyone at all other than my family for days. And I had the inkling that I might had made a mistake.


BREAK THE SILENCE! I suddenly thought.

Turn the radio on, that would help.

But it didn’t. I couldn’t concentrate at all with music playing constantly, and that was when the breakthrough occurred.

I looked up a podcast and my life changed forever.

Well the rest of my history will come out over the daily episodes.

And I certainly wouldn’t want to spill everything onto this one page, and make it the worlds longest About Me page, but I think it has done its job.

You get a flavour of what I am about.

And hopefully you’ll get even more of an idea everyday, when the next motivational and inspirational episode of “Join Up Dots” is aired to the world

Thanks very much and oh, yeah…one more thing “Thanks for tuning in!”

David Ralph