Businesses need to amp up their mojo just as much as individuals, but what is it really? And how can you get more mojo in your business? (HINT: it’s not about your customers.)

In my last article, Got Mojo? Why Work/Life Balance is NOT the Answer, you looked at your mojo and hopefully got rid of some beliefs that weren’t serving you about balancing your personal and professional life. Since you now have greater insight into your personal mojo, let’s talk about your business mojo.

Yes, you read that right. A business can have mojo! In fact, it should.

I always define mojo as the creative power behind success, and that’s true whether referring to a person or a business. Mojo is an internal factor that shines through the outside structure (i.e. a human being or a business entity). As an individual, mojo makes you magnetic, attracting people to you who want what you offer. As a business, mojo does the same; attracting talent as well as customers.

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